Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Choosing The Right Tiles

A few days ni byk spend masa membelek katalog tiles for office work. So, terfikir nk masukkan beberapa tips how to choose the tiles especially for residential.

  • Non- slip tiles if you have small children/elderly persons at home.
  • You can consider smaller tiles with more grout lines that would be less slippery.
  • Low maintenance tiles on the dining room floor will make for easy cleaning.
  • You have to choose low maintenance tiles with higher chemical and slip resistance as they only require regular cleaning with household detergents.
  • Counter top could be tiled for hot pots to sit on.
  • Work tops and food preparation araeas should be protected with high mechanical strength tiles for easy maintenance.

  • Choose non-slip tiles with low water absorption properties and high chemical resistance to bath foams, soap, shampoo, chemical cleaners.
  • Use tiles for creative color combinations on walls and floor to give you the best visual relaxation.... =)
  • You should use tiles with pleasant color combination that help create a comfortable and relaxing enviroment. It will relax you and ease your mind from a long, hard working day.
  • Not only should non-slip, high mechanical strength tiles be considered, smaller sized tiles with more grout lines may provide additional slip resistance and can be another option.
  • Your garden can be improved with easy maintenance tiles.
  • Tiles with low water absorption and high slip resistance are suitable for the pool area.
  • Tiles for commercial and public areas should be durable, non-slip, easy to maintain and look clean.

Tips from : White Horse
Picture : Google

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